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    Exhibition Teaser santralistanbul, Istanbul
TRACK/09 Exhibition Teaser
Motion Design
In TRACK/09 which was exhibited at santralistanbul Main Gallery between 14 May and 26 September 2010, there was a wide selection of works created during the previous academic year presented by students of Istanbul Bilgi University's Department of Visual Communication Design and Department of Photography and Video. The entire technical and organizational structure of the exhibition was designed and produced by students.

Since 2001, the annual exhibition has brought together students’ work and displayed them using an inhouse developed user interface under themes such as Network, Flight, Depth, Rocket Science, Compression, Implant, Taction and Data Fragmentation, this year opting for the new theme, “Error”.

Departing from the theme that error, a frequent occurrence in our everyday life, and the interruption it causes, is not necessarily unforeseeable, TRACK/09 suggested the perception of error as an inherent part of the environment. The exhibition included a custom-built simulation in accordance of this conceptual framework, inviting the viewer to re-evaluate the effects of error. Presented in this context, TRACK/09 was submitted to the evaluation of cultural, professional and academic circles.,
Graphic Design: Yusuf Emre Kucur
Motion Design: Can Büyükberber
Sound Design: M. Gökhan Çiftçi