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Program Schedule

We want to provide
 expert guidance to help our customers reach 
their goals. We provided a schedule for our programs, but it wasn’t much help.

So there's more than one way to schedule. But why doesn't the schedule work like a schedule should? We saw 4 major problems.

1. The next workout to do wasn't obvious.
2. If you miss a workout, it progresses without you. (Think broadcast TV vs Netflix).
3. Completed workouts aren't communicated. Hard to know if you are making progress.
4. No mobile or TV support. (Only 35% of our streams are from desktop web.)
Improvement: Show the next workout
Now the 'next' workout is really clear.
Improvement: Completed workouts are marked as completed (duh)
Completed workouts are clearly marked.
Improvement: Schedule is responsive, and available on all devices
All mobile users can now easily view full schedule.
A content row for quick access to schedule on all platforms
This project was about fixing stuff that was clearly broke. When your workout schedule is clear and easy to understand, we figure you'll do more workouts & cancel less.