SOLÉ, S.A., founded in 1914 by Enrique Solé Jorba and currently managed by Enrique Solé, the founder's grandson, has made over 50,000 marine motors since it was established. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of the manufacture of the first of them.

Solé Diesel was set up as a family company specialising in building carriages, and afterwards specialised in mechanics, and car repairs in particular. It moved away from this field after manufacturing the first motor for industrial use, a single cylinder 7 HP engine.

SOLÉ DIESEL did not start to manufacture marine motors until 1949, when it built one, two and three-cylinder engines with a maximum power of 30 HP. These motors were completely designed and built at the Martorell factory. Afterwards, an air-cooled motor was transformed to a seawater cooling system, using Lombardini two- and three-cylinder blocks. Over the years, SOLÉ DIESEL has developed and created its own adaptation systems and original parts for adapting the motors it has imported to a marine environment.

From 1972 onwards, SOLÉ, S.A. took up the challenge of adapting engines of up to 150 HP to a marine environment, with a Perkins, and then a Mercedes base. In 1978, the company took a great leap forward - adapting motors to a marine environment using a Mitsubishi base.

The company currently has the latest technology in production, including numerically-controlled centres winches, new test banks for engines, new test banks for gear changers, new installations for production and propeller balancing, thus obtaining an 80% increase in production over the last five years.
SOLÉ, S.A. currently has over a hundred service points in Spain and more than 250 internationally. The SOLÉ DIESEL range of engines has evolved with the growth in its market - four ranges of marine motors with between 17 and 272 HP of power and one of single and triple phase marine power generating sets of up to 100 kW.

SOLÉ, S.A. has now attained "a position of leadership in the range of motors smaller than 150 HP." It has also been able to carve a niche in foreign markets, in Europe, North Africa, North and South America, Asia and Oceania
Photographers: Sistema Binari (Artur Segarra - Ruth Cuenca)
Twitter: @sistema_binari