Sketches (2017) - Film and Interactive Documentary
Plot Synopsis
'On his parents' wedding anniversary, a British artist attempts to construct an understanding of his African-Asian lineage, whilst completing commissioned sketches in Cornwall.'
Sketches is an experimental film that collages oral history and archives with a fictional narrative to explore themes of displacement, lineage, and the construction of meaning. I wrote, directed and designed the film, and Moonfood Creative produced it.
Website - 'Studio'
Studio is the second-half of the Sketches project; while the film can be said to allow the viewer to construct meaning, this interactive web-app is allows them to deconstruct that meaning. This is done by exposing all the sources underlying the audiovisual elements in the film through a dynamic interface with the following features:
• Scrolling transcripts of in-film commentaries
• Dynamic reference-inspector
• Toggle active audio channels in realtime
I produced several original charcoal sketches for the film.
Film Poster