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    Full overview of a branding project born from scratch. Started from a market and business analysis, followed by the development of brand identity… Read More
    Full overview of a branding project born from scratch. Started from a market and business analysis, followed by the development of brand identity, visual language and marketing strategy. Read Less
Ferrari Promotion is an Italian group based in Milan, working in the advertisement business for half a century. Acting as an advertising agency as well as in print production, it developed a client base all over the national territory and takes care of the strategy, production, and installation of printed advertising campaigns for notorious brands like Barilla, Adidas, or BMW. Amongst its core businesses is the dealership of supermarket and mall’s advertising spaces and management of marketing campaigns in that Last Mile.

As the Graphic Designer appointed to develop a separate identity for that core business, I worked to create Supermall. Thanks to the rebranding, this department has been sold as an independent company to another group. And I have taken care of every step in the process:  from better defining the business through a detailed brief, to giving it a name and visual identity, as well as creating all the branded documents, presentations, uniforms, business cards, digital signatures, website interfaces, newsletter templates, and the list goes on.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT “SUPERMALL” (Naming, Logo, Graphic Language, and all marketing collateral from corporate paperwork, to branded paraphernalia and digital presence) 
Creative Brief (excerpt)

MESSAGE: The future of communication is in targeted and customized dialogue with the consumer. Not only unilateral messages anymore, but a relation between the Brand and its costumers that can benefit both sides. Traditional channels like TV and Press can be too limited for today’s interaction craving consumer. Our omnichannel strategies however, create continuity in the buying experience: our large network of stores covering the entire italian territory, our variety in terms of advertising spaces and services, and our unique ability to create multiple touchpoints with the consumers make us the most dynamic and powerful solution for Brands.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Media agencies looking for advertising spaces and innovative marketing solutions for their clients; Specialized agencies looking for suppliers able to produce the campaign material; Brands who want to communicate more efficiently with the consumers, looking for custom and targeted solutions with high returns. Professionals at the head of marketing departments are our direct contact, they look both for innovation and reliable/measurable results.

COMPETITORS: The most important competitors are not the other firms in this business but the other marketing channels; our clients still invest mostly in traditional media.

GOALS: A communication system that gives the brand a strong identity and projects the business offers more directly. Changing the perception of the effectiveness of advertisement in the last mile in supermarkets and shopping centers; this channel’s potential is still mostly untapped by agencies.

KEYWORDS: Innovation, Specialization, Experience, Sociability, Charm, Modernity, Liveliness​​​​​​​.
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Name Proposals (excerpt)
Logo proposals (excerpt)

CONCEPT: DUALITY. This idea plays on the differentiation between the “supermarket” and “mall” parts, giving each a separate identity (font and color), but keeping a cohesive visual unity by merging of the graphic elements. These solutions also avoid misunderstanding “super” for “superhero” instead of “supermarket”. Some proposals are graphic, other more typography-based, but they all point to the idea of duality and union.
CONCEPT: VARIETY OF OUR OFFER. This idea emulates the visual strategies of many media and marketing agencies: using multiple colors to symbolize the variety in their portfolio of products/services. Since Supermall wants to be perceived as offering new strategic agency services, and because we already have an existing multi-color system (icons for each surface we sell as advertisement space), these proposals can help shift the perception of the brand while still being tied to recognizable assets previously in use.
CONCEPT: PHYSICAL PLACE. The “last mile” is at the end of a purchase process. In the “offline” world, it means the transaction happens in a store. In these proposals we emphasize, in a more or less abstract way, the store. 
CONCEPT: PROGRESS. The act of purchase can happen in the second of an impulse buy, or over an extended period of time, with a potential costumer evaluating their options on multiple channels. These proposals play on the idea that we communicate for a brand throughout that process and  most importantly we get consumer’s attention when he is most engaged in the purchase, in the last mile.
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Finalized Logo & Graphic Language
(alternative version)
These icons are an adaptation of previews work by Manuela Gilardenghi.                    
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