Beefeater came to us with a brief: to redefine the Beefeater brand world.
They were seen as the gin for the older generation, and they wanted
to become more distinct and relevant to modern gin drinkers.

We knew our audience. They are young, urban and positive.
They, more than any other generation, embrace the now, uniqueness
and norm breakers — and they respect brands that confidently do
the same thing. We didn't want to be a part of the hazy, imaginary
worlds of gin brands. We wanted a change. It was time to ditch
the imaginary and create a new normal in gin. 

Everything we make embraces the energy and diversity of urban life. 

We are Beefeater, the real London dry gin.
As seen on:
Marketing Week (8 June 2017)
Creative Pool (12 June 2017)
Campaign Live (13 June 2017)
Little Black Book (13 June 2017)
Ads of the world (21 June 2017)
Inspired by the geometric shapes of urban London, and the long shadows of London's low sun, we created a bold, graphic pattern system for the new brand world.

Beefeater has always struggled with consistency across markets. By using singular global creatives, they ended up having mixed adoption rates by their markets. More advanced markets were pushing ahead while new or low awareness markets were reluctant to adopt new creatives as they were afraid to alienate their audiences. Our solution was to create a pattern system that would work as a sliding scale on brand education. Low awareness markets would use patterns with recognisable brand signifiers and eventually phase it out to more abstract patterns as the market grew.
Our identity expanded into a bold illustration style that would become the language of our digital and social content.
Everything that Beefeater created embraced the urban life, from tote bags to skateboards. Our lifestyle items, just like Beefeater, were made in London. We collaborated with local makers Alban, who make urban bicycle backpacks and Proteus Skate Co.

Creative director Michael Scantlebury
Strategy director Dan Deeks-Osburn
Design director Adeline Chong
Midweight designers Andres Clerc, Ana Serro & Lise Dessons
Senior account director Lauren McGregor
Creative copywriter Alex Kosterman
Creative Sarah Burrows
Senior Project Manager Harriet Masters
Senior Producer Ann-Marie Richards
Director of photography Paul Lewis
Drink Stylist Tara Garnell

Beefeater Brand World

Beefeater Brand World

Rebrand for Beefeater Gin