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    Campagne TV pour les médecins omnipraticiens du Québec
A Simple Notoriety Campaing.
Remind the vital importance of the family doctors in our society.

Context: The province of Québec suffers from a shortage of family doctors. a large portion of new doctors prefer to become specialists instead of generalsist (family doctors) because they think it's more prestigious and they also know that it pays more.

Challenge: Help this profession to be better perceived by the general population and by the students that have to chosse being a generalist or a specialist. the objective is to conveince of the vital importance of this profession in order to get better working condition for the family doctors.

Solution: Stay simple and very humble. We have deceided to show that the family doctors are there WHEN you need them and WHERE you need them with different situations where someone in need fall and land with the help of a family doctor.
Agence: BCP
Direction artistique: Nicolas Baillargeon
VP et direction de création: Étienne Bastien
Rédaction version anglaise: Dom Bulmer
Production: Quatre zero un
Réalisateur: NIcolas Monette
D.O.P.: Sara  Mishara
Post: Vison Globale