Branding and Packaging: Foxy 6th Anniversary Beer
Foxy Bar bills itself as a ‘unique neighborhood dive bar' in Barcelona. The founders and owners knew from the very beginning that they wanted it to feel like a comfortable place you go time and time again. To do that, they designed every aspect of the business to make it happen; The drinks are cheap, the music is good, and the place is “decked out like your grandma’s living room”. Since the very beginning, the bar has opened its doors on their anniversary to the whole city. They have guest musicians and DJ’s playing music, and commission a designer or an artist to work with them on a special anniversary beer for the event. This year, the folks at Foxy approached us for their 6th anniversary edition. We love beer, and bars, and Barcelona and other things that start with B, so we dug right in. Because we love playing with letterforms, we decided to look for inspiration in the construction of the number “6”. We found our starting point in our own archives–a number 6 from the 2014 edition of 36 Days of Type.
The 5th Anniversary party in the previous year had been wildly successful. The bar had already begun a tradition of creating limited edition beers for the party (in partnership with a company called BrewBros). The design for the previous year beautifully reflected the look of the space with a bit of a country twist.

To bring back that energy, we decided to go in a different direction: bold, geometric, simple, and fun. It didn’t take long to settle on the idea of six different beers, one for each year, and all making up a beautiful six-pack type of set.
The beers were unveiled on the day of the event. By all accounts, they were a big hit with patrons, who enthusiastically attempted to “collect them all” while listening to Barcelona DJ Maquiniste! play a special set for the occasion [that’s available to stream]!