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    The recipe for Rustic Courgette de Nice, a dish developed by Creative Chef Nick Sandler for Chef Taster.
Rustic Courgette de Nice
by Nick Sandler, Creative Chef of Pret A Manger

• 20 small round Courgette de Nice cut into chunks
• 10 baby aubergines cut into big, meaty chunks
• Olive oil
• Flaky sea salt
• 6 large, ripe vine tomatoes, roughly chopped
• 150ml rich chicken stock
(or veggie stock if you prefer)
• 60g tomato paste
• A teaspoon of veggie
bouillon powder
• Single cream
• A pinch of saffron
• Salt and pepper
• 100g of buffalo mozzarella
• Flat leaf parsley

Heat the oven to 220oc
Place the courgettes and aubergines onto an oven tray and cover liberally with olive oil and a little salt. Bake for 20-25 minutes until the aubergines are soft
While the vegetables are baking, boil the vine tomatoes, chicken stock, tomato paste and veggie bouillon powder in a saucepan until reduced by half, then pass through a conical sieve or strainer, leaving the skins and seeds behind.
Return the sauce to a clean saucepan, add the saffron and continue to boil until it is of a ‘saucy’ consistency, then pour in the cream and add seasoning.
Take your vegetables out of the oven and serve with the saffron sauce, broken mozzarella and a small handful of roughly chopped flat leaf parsley.

This dish is great when served with a warm doorstep of sourdough bread.