“Design is not always immediately perceived, nor is it meant to be fully understood. Design is not entirely definable even though the mind insists that it should be. Rather, design prefers the euphoria of epiphany and the steadfastness of growth. Revealed to consciousness through attachments and correspondences, design prefers to perpetuate an understanding between the seen and the unseen, between spirit and matter.” 
- Carl Garant, ‘The Tao of Design’ 
United Kingdom Pavilion, EXPO Milano
The Wings, Piazza Italia, EXPO Milano
Turkey Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Russia Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Holy See Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Intesa San Paolo Pavilion, EXPO Milano 
Estonia Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Turkmenistan Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Brazil Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Germany Pavilion, EXPO Milano
Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha
Riverside Museum, Glasgow
Porsche Museum, Stuttgart
Office building, Edinburgh
Usher Hall, Edinburgh
Usher Hall, Edinburgh
Museum of Islamic Art, Doha
Qatar National Convention Center, Doha
Georgetown University, Doha
Texas A&M Engineering College, Doha
Ceremonial Court Education City, Doha
New World Symphony Hall, Miami
Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Experience Music Project Museum, Seattle
JFK National Library, Boston
Marina City, Chicago
Trump Tower, Chicago