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Alex Rios
Ihave selected and defined four light qualities that will be explored throughoutmy thesis. This project primarilyexplores the light quality Luminescence, or materialization of light inphysical matter, within the framework of a non-denominational worshipspace. This light quality is bestexpressed through the use of thinly cut panels of white onyx marble to make upthe walls, which light is able to penetrate and create a translucent radiantglow within the space (img. 6-7). However, this particular marble also has subtle transparent qualitiesthat are enhanced when light penetrates from the opposite direction. A small gap in-between the marble panelsallows light to travel and deflect off of highly reflective aluminum fins (img4-5). This effect creates a hybrid imageof the marble and the surrounding natural context. Also notice how the detail of the column isproportioned to the angles of the summer and Winter solstice (img. 4). This, along with other details, enhances theusers understanding of the suns motion throughout the day.

Otherlight qualities are more secondary, and happen when the sun approaches summersolstice. Notice how the opening betweenthe wall and ceiling creates a hallow effect around thick roof (img 3). When one enters the structure and opens thehollow core door, light shines down through a small overhead openingsymbolically cleansing the user before entering (img. 10).