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    A digital cardholder. Product semantics
 A Product Semantics project on Digital Cardholder for professionals. 
Process followed :
- Ideation on the problem area.
- User Research
- Sketching out the form
- Prototype
- User Interface
- User Testing

Project Brief :
The life of any professional involves interacting with a lot of new people or prospective client etc in a short duration hence they find it tough to remember the person’s details or previous conversation. So the proposed product is an independent device which can be carried around along with them. It can directly save the required details and reduces the need to use paper. It is portable and eco-friendly at the same time. Also looking at current trends,we can presume that in near future the concept of a physical card will be removed and a digital version of it will be used, this can be easily obtained with this product without much modification.

Digital Prototypes of the Cardholder