Soft drinks brand Zeo embarked on a major brand relaunch in response to demand for a light sparkling fruit drink with no added sugar. The range now includes four fruit and botanical flavours, available in both 330ml cans and 750ml bottles. They are orange & mango, cloudy lemon, peach & grapefruit, and cranberry & raspberry.

We worked with them to come up with a campaign idea and activated the roll-out across various elements and platforms.

We knew Zeo's target audience was the health conscience consumer who wanted an alternative to diet soft drinks. We knew a lot of these people would mainly be drinking water throughout the day and so introduced the playful campaign to 'cheat on water'. We wanted to encourage people to swap their glasses of water for something more refreshing and satisfying,
but without any of the nasties you find in some fizzy drinks.

The campaign included outdoor advertising featuring the brand ambassador and celebrity, Caroline Flack.

As well as the advertising, we worked with the brand to produce everything from internal marketing materials to van wraps and branded apparel.


Art Direction - Dan Bailey & Nic Panayiotou
Design - Dan Bailey & Nic Panayiotou
Scamps - Dan Bailey & Nic Panayiotou
Account Manager - Grant Watkins
Retouching - Mike Glenholmes
Artwork - Mike Glenholmes, Richard Pugh & Dan Bailey
Photographers - Adam Lawrence
Producer - Marcus Mayes
Assisted copy - Kristian Johns
Case Study - Nic Panayiotou & Dan Bailey

and a special thanks to Caroline Flack and everyone else involved who made this project possible..

Thank You

- Z E O - Brand relaunch

- Z E O - Brand relaunch

Relaunch campaign for soft drink brand Zeo.


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