The Water of Life
A book about the manliest drink
A yearlong project to make something about something we thought were interesting. So I decided to write and design a book about whisky. Something that I experienced during this project is that I get more confident when I drink whisky.  So the concept for the book is built around this. I split the book in 3, and the design in each reflects the increase in confidence as I drink.
The design in the first book is done with hand drawn illustrations and traditional etching print. Which gives it a rough look, illustrating my starting point when drinking whisky. Second book is slightly more confident with my own watercolour brushes and textures. The last book is made with vector graphics to illustrate me at my most confident.
The cover is handmade with plywood that is laser cut, dyed and stuck together. It is inspired by the wooden casks whisky is matured in.
Thank you for viewing and please enjoy!

Thanks for viewing! I hope you appriciated it!

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