»Connect - Disconnect«

»Connect - Disconnect«

​​​​​​​I created a procedural expresso rig, which gave me the option to create a quick and huge variation of different animations, which are all combined with a clean and colorfull branding. So I was able to give each of the 8speakers a different look. There were talks from: Mirco Borsche, Mario Lombardo, Slanted and more. 
The event was hosted by the »Typografische Gesellschaft München e.V«

Sounddesign: Karim Shalaby

And I prepared a tiny »Behind the Scene«
The base of this rig is a cloner wich is controlled mostly by a shader effector.
And to get a motion without Keyframes you can use C-Motion.
Also the rig is connected to the seed of the random effector and the cloner,
so you can get many different versions with just one click.
Color is controlled over the mograph color shader.
If you wanna know more about that feel free to contact me.