The aim of our webzine is to increase the knoledge about Design,
so everyone, also who is not expert about it, can approach to Design in a funny way.
We choose some design artifacts and we create an emotional path between common stuffs, as cocktails, cities, books..
So you can try to feel the artifact with something that is present in your daily life. 

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The path of each design artifact is created thanks to the facebook community, that answers on online surveys.
The name of our webzine is Mooddato. It comes from two concepts:
Modding: the act of changing a game, or add features previously unavailable, old, or previously nonexistant.
Mood:a distinctive emotional quality or character.
"Mooddare means creating an experience that can improve the enjoyment of a design artifact. The challenge is this: 
we offer works from different areas of design, you help us create a mood by suggesting songs, cocktails, books, movies and related sites. Take part in answering the surveys we propose on our Facebook page.
Only then can you say you have really mooddated!"
You will arrive to the design artifact starting from something common, like a book, a city, a movie, a song, a cocktail.
When you choose one of this, you will discover which artifact is linked with it.
The page of the artifact is a longform that changes its contents and its drawings with the scroll of the mouse:
you will learn with an interactive story.
Moodato, a design webzine.