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Website & UX Design
The Carnation 4th of July Committee wanted a website redesign to improve the user experience and attract more event attendees. I built a brand-new website for them in Weebly (integrating the committee's current iPower and DreamWeaver back-ends), including content, custom graphics (used throughout), SEO, Google Analytics implementation, and social media management. 

Additionally, I set them up with DonorBox so that they could begin accepting online donations! This project took me over a month to complete and the committee has been thrilled with the result. I'm still managing this website and updating when necessary.
Several of the logos were too small/grainy for this size, so I fixed them in Photoshop
Weebly's "responsive template" had trouble mobile-optimizing any text/tabs that were separated into columns. Due to this, and after many troubleshooting attempts, the design of the schedule had to be compromised. I originally solved this issue by designing the schedule as an image, but with frequent schedule changes and links required throughout, this option wasn't time savvy.
Related to what I mentioned above, the best way for me to format the winners without compromising mobile-optimization was to create them in Microsoft Word and export them as HTML. They were then added to the pages as custom code.
Another drawback to Weebly was that all of their possible slideshow designs create an incredibly large amount of white padding.
Seamless background design 
* 'After' sized down for comparison
See it live at
Website & UX Design
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Gena Ragsdale