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    Poster featuring a mechanically inspired typographic illustration.
Do Work – Poster

Procrastination is a treacharous thing. So many times there’s something that requires our energy, but we can’t bring ourself to do it. Maybe you have an idea. You know it could be something awesome, but you’re also aware that it will take a great deal of effort. You passively entertain the idea of shortcutting the process, but deep down you know the best way is simply buckling down and doing the work.
This typographic illustration was hand-crafted from scratch. I sought to bring a very mechanical feel to the piece that would embody various tools we associate with work while still remaining very legible.

If you set out from the start to create something amazing, it’s probably not going to happen. There’s a little detail in the poster design I want you to see. Notice the arrows indicating the movement of the gears. See anything interesting? They’re actually grinding against eachother. When we look for the hacks and try to find secrets for the immediate production of excellence, there can be no progress.
Only from consistent elbow grease do we see successful results. Don’t grind your gears. Apply yourself, put forth the effort, and exert your creative energies. From these collective efforts you will curate greatness. Out of the many iterations, you will select from the heap the ones with promise and hone them into something remarkable. What others see as magic you will know to be your uncompromising and unwavering dedication. It is all made possible by effort. Do Work.

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