Two veterans of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries"Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz"created corporate history in 1996 by announcing plans to create Novartis, what was then the largest merger ever. During the last 11 years, Novartis has become a world leader in offering medicines to protect health, cure disease and improve well-being.

After researching various annual reports from pharmaceutical companies, a commonality was uncovered. Most, whether they had a good or bad year bombarded their shareholders with imagery that pushed the message of superior technology or people who look like they generally care for the well being of their employees and/or patients. The goal was to offer
something refreshing to Novartis’ share holders. The concept was “Bigger & Better”"the focus of this concept was to enforce that Novartis is continually growing. This idea is accomplished metaphorically through the reports imagery. These images create a more entertaining tone, but were treated in black & white to maintain a sense of seriousness.