My graduation film, 'Oh Well'- a stop-motion short.
'Oh Well' is the story of a clumsy native tribesman named Walter, who embarks on a long and arduous journey to collect water from a well. When disaster strikes, it seems that all his efforts have gone to waste- but Walter soon learns that good fortune is just around the corner.
My first stop-motion lip sync animation! Created during the final year of my Animation degree course at university, based on an audio sample courtesy of
An infographics animation on the causes of traffic jams!
A promotional motion graphics advert for CMX Communication. I animated a range of supplied graphics to match a given brief complete with storyboard and audio, using Adobe After Effects.
A promotional ident for Kino 10, a short film exhibition in Birmingham.
A short motion graphics promotion for 'Sugar Rush Sundays', a run of sweet food themed programming on Food Network.
A short motion graphics promotion for 'Italian Month', a run of Italian food themed programming on Food Network.
A promotional advertisement based around the key phrase 'Hydration'.
Originally created for the 'Narrative' module of my university course, members of the Digbeth Resident's Association (DRA) requested a shorter, adapted piece for use promoting the local Digbeth Summit, entitled 'Keeping Digbeth Different'. This animation was featured online as a part of the marketing and publicity process, accompanying a press release inviting members of the local community to attend the event.
My first CGI animation, based upon the concept of a 'domino effect' (a series of actions / events based on a chain of causation). My chosen theme was crazy golf.
A group project marking my first stop-motion animation. The project was to create an animation based upon an existing short script.
A short animation marking my first use of audio. The project was to create an animation to match a given short audio sample.
A 20 second animation building upon the principles and skills developed over the first few weeks at university.
A short animation focusing on the animation principles of Squash and Stretch.
A short animation focusing on anticipation and reaction (secondary action).
A short animation focusing on exaggeration and pose-to-pose.
 My second flipbook animation.
My first flipbook animation.