"Watches have always been more than just devices informing you about the flow of time. They are symbols of success, style and prestige, they help you to make a statement, they can be bold or discreet, sporty or elegant. They reflect who you are or who you want to be, simply put they are among the most valuable fashion accessories. Angle is an attempt to capture and express these additional values of a watch and provide you with a device that lets you see the rhythm of your life. And while you can follow how much you travel and party, others will surely get intrigued by its striking, geometric design." - Angle concept, Andrej Balaz

Angle was a semester project at my university. The goal was to create persuasive interfaces using segmented e-ink displays. I chose an experimental approach in order to create a fashion instrument that does not show time but implements sensor fusion to create a colourful visualisation of the wearer's travelling and clubbing habits. It computes two complex indexes of how much you travel (ratio of long distances travelled, new places visited, far-away places revisited) and how much you go out (pulse and sound analysis in combination with citywide movement) and visualises them in a series of linear graphs. See the video below for a brief demonstration of how Angle works.