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    Just some stuff I have done recently for clients, friends and myself.
Working with more low poly stuff, I really enjoy it and it turns out nice.
Something different.
A big 3D project I have been working on.
3~4 hours in Cinema4D and 2 hours in Photoshop.
Something to help the ideas flow.
Tumblr Header.
More deadmau5 fanpics.
Signaure for Gareth on the NFF
Signaure for the Signature of the Year contest on the Nintendo Fan Forum.
I had a lot of fun making it.
Cover art for Muffoxx's new remix.
I will be making his EP cover art.
Something I made for Parkway Drive. 
I went and saw them live and had such an amazing night.
J & B Photography logo.
Simple and sleek.
My friend needed this for his new company.
Systematically Solved logo.

A lady who lives locally contacted me for a new logo for her cleaning business
and based on what she told me and what she already had I made this.