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    Small exhibition in Newcastle 09/10
Conception & design of a small exhibition exploring the 'creative process'
Mushroom Works Newcastle 09/10

Hand kerned & painted typography using paper, masking tape & . . . paint  (A lovely multi-textured white wall.)

The top of the small stare-case shows a kind of answer next to a question.
(The whole thing asked questions on ideas & 'creativity'—what they mean—where they come from.

'Tommorow Today Yesterday'—A statement on the importance of development, research—A back & forth 'working flux' . . .

Very neutral approach & outcome—'Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold' across pieces—again asking questions on systems & creativity— (Maybe the exhibition is not creative at all—as it just used safe/simple elements)

(You can't fuck up with 4x8 grid & Helvetica : ) )