Michal Machowina's profile

Co by było, gdyby / What if


            Creator: Michał Machowina
            Artistic promotor: Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz & Jacek Rokosz
            Technical support: Krzysztof Kalinowski

            Music theme based on Within Temptation-Restless

            Autodesk Maya (modelling, rigging, animation, render on MentalRay)
            Cinema 4D (simulations for modelling)
            After Effects (compositing, color grading, flares, particles, DOF)
            Zbrush (textures, normal maps)
            Photoshop (textures)
            Premiere (montage)
            Ableton (music)
            Audition (sound effects, mixdown) 


Co by było, gdyby / What if

Co by było, gdyby / What if

Did you ever wonder what would happen if your world turn out to be something different than you thought? Co by było, gdyby is a 3d animation movi Read More