Team Reveal's 'TIME' Project.

                                       This is Team Reveal's 2nd Project.

The artists were asked to express through their art how they 'perceive' and 'feel' time.

Many thanks to all of the artists involved for your time and dedication to this Project.
You and your works are amazing!

The Artists who collaborated in this project are from : Romania, Portugal, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Russian Federation, Japan, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Artist : John Hawkins                        Title : Time
Tools : Digital Camera, Photoshop, Wacom Cintiq  

Medium : Digital art

Artist : Mariam Aghajanyan            Title : Chronos
Artist : Zoya Gregory                    Title : Schisms
Medium : Fine Art, Photography, Digital Art

Description : " In purely scientific terms, time does not exist...only 'gravity' ...Time is a human concept, based on an observation of our Solar System...we think of time as a 'routine',  a way of functioning in a complex World we have created.
The deep desire for knowledge of a possible human 'immortality', leads us through the psychological and spiritual quest into 'alter dimensions'...." - Zoya Gregory.

Influenced by Andrei Tarkovsky and his inspiring film ''Stalker''
'' History is not time; nor is evolution.They are both consequences. Time is a state; the flame in which there lives the Salamander of the Human Soul ''.

Inspired by : Arvo Pärt - Silentium  

Artist : Teodora Oniceanu              Title : '' In T[I'M] ''
Tools : Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design and Fujifilm S6500 fd Camera

Description : We're just illusions of our time and time is our delirious delusion! - Teodora Oniceanu
Artist : inherit me              Title : Of Life, Death and Everything Inbetween 
The light of life
the life of light
no wrong or right
out of sight.
Despite it's height
and future fright
it lays in might
pure delight.

Released to Earth
it meets the dirt
through frequent hurt
becomes inert.
Awake and alert
learns to convert
the hateful quirt
no disconcert.

The eye of mind
and heart combined
when realigned 
will not be blind
time fell behind
the nodes aligned
life left behind
Death arrived.

Artist : Barbara Monacelli    Title : Time has Turned your Sweet Smile into Hard Stone
Technique : Watercolours and gouache on cotton paper   35 x 40 cm
Artist : Viktoria Kovats                     Title : Lifetime 
Technique : Acrylic on Canvas      50 x 70 cm
Artist : Michela Fiorenza                  Title : Hourglass
Tools : Paper, Pen, Ink, Adobe Photoshop

Description : Time is an illusion...the distinction between the past, present and the future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion - Albert Einstein 

'' il tempo non e affatto cio che sembra. Non scorre in una sola direzione, e il futuro esiste contemporaneamente al passato '' - Albert Einstein
Artist : Chiara Boschi                          Title : Wait
Medium : Photography

Description : To wait for something that never happens
Artist : Fury Lotus                           Title : Stream
Description : Time streams as blood flows.

'' I thought that 'time' is a kind of river which flows and has no specific shape before creating the work.Then I realized that there's always a river running under my skin '' 
- Fury Lotus
Artist : Senita Bergsman                   Title : Time
Description : Time for me ... is what is passing through my eyes ... what I experience in the moment. You can choose to be a part of it or you can step outside. 
Time really itself is non existent ... your time is not my time ...
Artist : Ottavia Coteni                 Title : Shadow Time
Technique : Watercolors

Description : Time is a shadow that follows our lives. In such dawning times, devoured by hurry and anxiety the risk that you are running is to forget the colors of life and to leave them in the shadows...and to make life around us shade...even if light is always with us.
Artist : Purple Snow        Title : Blowing through the Seasons of Life
Technique : Abstract, Mixed Media Painting on Canvas
Finish : Permanent Professional Grade non yellowing Satin Varnish   80 x 60 cm

Description : '' To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven '' - Ecclesiastes

We must be mentally and spiritually alert to the seasoned life and be able to blow through the door that is opened by seasons in our lives - Purple Snow

Artist : Zarema Abdullaeva           Title : Time Energy
Artist : Elena Mazina
Artist : Doroteia Pinto              Title : Expanding Instant
Description : I ask myself, what is time?
There's chronological time and there is psychological time.
Chronological time marks the rhythm of the doing, the making the coming and leaving. It defines the functionality of the affairs in this earthly experience.
On the other hand, psychological time is of the mind, the experience of each moment. Such psychological time is of the's the attachment of past experiences that conditioned the present and reflect the future...
It's a linear process of a feeling of continuity in this impermanent World, the World we bring inside.
Now I it possible to transcend linear time and access the here and now?
Artist : Elena Mazina
Time Project