V2 Renal Denervation System
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    Karten Design helped Vessix Vascular commercialize its revolutionary technology for the treatment of hypertension.
Karten Design creates a bold face for a new medical treatment

Vessix has a revolutionary system capable of treating high blood pressure with a simple one-minute procedure—up to 60 times faster than today’s standard treatment. Karten Design was tasked with creating a strong visual identity for the new company’s products as it sought funding to test and commercialize its system.

Because the product needed build excitement around a new treatment, we approached designing this medical device the same way we would approach a consumer product—with a focus on high-quality materials and finish, and an evocative, emotional form. Details such as texture and contrast draw people deeper into the product, encouraging closer examination. A brilliant, full-color screen reinforces the simplicity of the 30-second procedure a minimal user interface that guides users through the renal denervation process.

Karten Design built a custom graphic user interfacefrom the ground-up to reinforce the simplicity of the 30-second procedure. Theuser interface is minimal, consisting of one control button. The brilliant,full-color, iPad-inspired display screen visualizes what’s happening during theprocedure.
Details such as texture and contrast draw people deeper into the product, encouraging closer examination. Made from CNC-machined aluminum, the generator is designed to take advantage of the manufacturing process to achieve stunning details, such as the interlocking diamond texture of the device’s side housings. 
Simplicity is at the heart of the system’s design. Before designers put pencil to paper, our first step was to understand workflow in the cardiac catheterization lab to inform a design that would fit with doctors’ established ceremonies. Our research informed decisions to implement the system as a flexible, cart-mounted device with a single-button operation and opened up a key design opportunity: Because the generator would never have to sit on atable, it didn’t need a flat bottom. The sweeping, parabolic enclosure, withoutback or bottom, is designed to be beautiful at every angle; all 360 degrees ofthe product reflect the same high-quality finish and attention to detail.Cantilevered beyond the cart pole, the V2 Generator appears to be hovering—aneffect that adds to the device’s intrigue.
The V2 Generator appears to hover over its pole-mount.
To reinforce the message of "simplicity," we designed connections for all cords and cables on the bottom of the V2 Generator, where they are accessible, but out of the way.
Karten Design had a deep andcollaborative partnership with Vessix that enabled us to apply design not justto a product, but to a system and a brand. We developed a Vessix logo andapplied it to collateral including business cards and product packaging. The starburst-inspired logorepresents how Vessix is causing a distortion in the pattern of medicalpractice—an impact that will be felt beyond the bounds of the company. Our goal, at the highest level, was to attract investment and build the trust of the medical community that would be necessary to fund and develop this technology.

Our design effort has positioned Vessix as a medical technology innovator and helped the company raise $23 million in venture capital to fund clinical trials for its system. The V2 System recently received a European CE Mark.
Karten Design developed a visual brand identity for Vessix and applied it to the company's business cards and product packaging.