Nestlé Cini Minis hacking Russian VK/YouTube bloggers
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Cini Minis:
An integrated campaign of capturing bloggers and Social Media
Campaign Idea: 
Cini Minis squares do not know how to make ads in the Internet.
They enter the Web as cunning prodigy children not knowing any rules.

To win in Social Media race squares decide to hack and capture all bloggers and spread the word through them.
What happened?
Squares hacked top VKontakte bloggers: 
Maryana Ro, Yan Gordienko, Julia Pushman, Max Brandt, Kostya Pavlov.
Later that day each blogger posted a video, telling everything is OK. 
All bloggers were hacked again in the end of the video.
The next day big VK publics related to YouTube & VKontakte life told about Cini Minis behind the hacks.
The day after we hacked all of this publics.
Popular news blogger Ruslan Usachev made an episode about the Hacks of Bloggers.
Cini Minis squares attacked Ruslan on air during the news episode.
We made a film, telling the whole story of hacks and captures.
We used it as OLV in Social.
We shoot an episode with captured Ruslan Usachev singing Cini Minis packs.
We raffled signed packs in SM contest.
Non-unique Reach — 21 000 000
Unique Reach — 6 000 000
Video Views — 7 000 000
Social Actions — 185 000