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    Grayscale portraits of women. 15 portraits of womens. LOCATION. Several sites Metropolitan Area of Monterrey, NL. Mexico DATE. 2011-2013.
Mariana Irigoyen, mexican model & enginery student.
Shot of January, 2012.
Alethia Sada, mexican model.
Shot of September, 2013.

Patricia Tueme, mexican graphic designer & make up artist.
Shots of January & July, 2013.

Marcela García Robles Gil, mexican writer.
Shot of October, 2012

Amédée Betancourt, mexican model & actress.
Shot of June, 2013.

Cristina Piccone, mexican top model.
Shot of April, 2011.

Isabel Jaime, mexican model, fashion designer & blogger.
Shot of September, 2013.

Melissa Morales, mexican model.
Shot of September, 2013.

Paola Safi, mexican model.
Shot of Movember, 2012.

Vanessa Montemayor, mexican model & beauty queen of Nuevo León 2013.
Shot of May, 2013.

Paola Ruíz, mexican model.
Shot of Spetember, 201

Lila Déneken, mexican singer.
Shot of March, 2012.

Leira Martínez, spanish singer of La Oreja de Van Gohg.
Shot of November, 2013.
Candice Swanepoel, southafrican super model.
Shot of August 2012.
Fabiana Margáin Sada, mexican dancer & scenic artist.
Shot of June, 2013.