ARoS Aarhus Kunstmusuem is an art museum located in Aarhus, Denmark. It is one of the largest cultural institutions in Northern Europe, 10 storeys tall with a total of 17,000 m². The museum opened in April 2004 after a construction process that started with a design competition in 1997. The architectural vision of the museum was completed in 2011 with the addition of the circular skywalk “Your Rainbow Panorama” by Ólafur Elíasson.
    Future Vision:
    To stand out among the world’s most innovative and attractive art museums.

    ARoS’ biggest obstacle are their current branding, graphic communication and visual presence which fails to reflect and represent the board of director’s future vision. It all appears static, conservative and old-fashioned + their digital presence has exceeded its expiration date years ago.

    In order to become part of the world’s most innovative and attractive art museums, ARoS needs to redesign their entire brand and utilize their unique selling propositions in their visual identity. Their visual appearance must appear unique, recognizable and challenge the general visual expression of art exhibitions. Furthermore, they should distribute their profound knowledge of art to proof their integrity.
    By utilizing the existing architecture (Your Rainbow Panorama) into the visual identity, each exhibition can now have its own custom logo attached, generated through an internal logo application. The website needs to be modernized and tailored to the new brand as well. ARoS must also establish a bold and iconic art publication, published biannual. under its own name to: appear more trustworthy, inform the target-group about upcoming exhibitions and publish the curators profound thoughts towards the current art world.

    Agency: School of Visual Communication
    Client: ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
    Creative Field(s): Art Direction, Branding, Concept Development, Digital Design, Editorial and Graphic Design.
    Type: Proposal (Bachelors Project)
    Year: 2013

    Image courtesy of ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum & Schmidt Hammer Lassen.
    Please visit www.aros.dk for more information regarding the museum.
    New Logo

    Exhibition Design:
    Art & Culture Magazine:

  • Thorbjørn Gudnason