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    The Local Motors Cruiser Prototype was made in the fall of 2013 based on the design of Ianis Vasilatos.
The Local Motors Cruiser began as a design competition to design a retro styled throwback gas powered 'board racer' bike. The winning design was done by the amazing Romanian design Ianis Vasilatos. I had the honor of working with the Local Motors team to transform his sketches and renderings into both a prototype version and a production version. My primary role was helping to finalize the design along with selecting both the colors and materials used. 

In addition I documented some of the build process of the prototypes. 

Designed by Ianis Vasilatos
Engineered by Matt Jackson, Correy Renner and Nestor Llanos
Fabricated by the Local Motors Fabrication Team
Design Refined by Aurelien Francois
Color, Trim and Materials by Nicolas de Peyer
Photos taken by Jerry Ferguson for Local Motors. 

As this was the Cruiser prototype, we built a second version, Cuiser 02 Black Edition a year later as a pre-production prototype. Check out that project here: