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KYUUB. A Natural Beauty Brand
K Y U U B project is the branding and packaging of a company which sells 
natural beauty and spa products in environmental friendly packages. 
Our aim is to offer you a product which harmonizes in and out and helps 
you find peace, calmness and happiness in your everyday life.
The brand name is a combination of Japanese nine (kyuu) and English cube 
as their pronunciation is quite similar and as Japanese art and culture 
is a highly inspiring theme for the world of  K Y U U Bs. The wooden and ceramic 
cubes come in nine variations and they stand together and individual 
as bathroom accessories or home decoration. After use ceramics can be refilled,
and all paper products are made of recycled paper so no garbage 
generates. The project includes the corporate's identity design, unique patterns, 
gift cards, boxes, bags, labels, flyers and a visual website theme. 

These K Y U U B s contain all-natural products such as sea salt, cotton pads, incense, 
hand-made soap, bathing crystals, tissues, candle, body lotion and hair care.
All cubes offer you a special ability too. They aren't just containers or bathroom 
decoration. For example if you want to use the face-mask K Y U U B, 
the lid of its box is a tiny bowl so you can instantly create your daily dose of 
calming face-mask just by adding some drops of water and stir 
until it softens like a paste. If you take the hair balm K Y U U B, the lid transforms 
into a wooden comb and you only have to brush it onto your hair .

All K Y U U Bs come in beautiful boxes so every time you open our products 
you feel like you are opening a gift. And what feels better than opening a gift?
Carefully made packages also inspire you to open the boxes slowly with curiosity and care. 
Here at K Y U U B we believe that the way you open a package reflects the way you treat 
yourself and the world around you. We'd like to make you feel that it's important to pay attention
to the world that surrounds us. Taking care of the products you use day by day 
is taking care of yourself and the environment as well, and it's always worth the time.
THANK YOU for Watching,
and never forget to recycle.

2016, Budapest Metropolitan University

Project Director: Andrea Brittnek
Graphic Designer: Zsófia Pressing
Photographer: Zsófia Pressing

József Sefcsik for being my mentor.
KYUUB. A Natural Beauty Brand

KYUUB. A Natural Beauty Brand

KYUUB is an environmental friendly all-natural beauty brand that is inspired by Japanese culture. It is a set of nine carefully designed clay and Read More


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