Creature | Package design
CREATURE - cute interactive package
design for drawing tools. 

The main goal was to make it simple, 
ecological and yet super creative and fun.
Suitable not only for kids, but for adults too.
The package itself is made from cardboard
material only. It uses no glue, no
other materials. This way it is easy to make,
easy to recycle and dispose. Serigraphy is
used to visual the graphics. The game is to
make an outfit for the creature by using
your new markers.

Creature has raised arms as if saying

CREATURE package design is made from
0,5mm cardboard. One side white, the
other side brown.
The structure of the package is made entirely
from cardboard, it does not require
any glue to fold it. The package itself is
made from four parts: the lid, the outside
part, the grid for the pencils and the shell.
The box can also be used as a pencil holder
as it has a really tough structure. So not
only can you play with the package, but
use it as a permanent pencil box.

CREATURE is an interactive package. The
game of the package is simply to dress up
the creature. This is done in a few steps.
First, you open the lid. You see the paper
in front of the package which can easily be
taken out. As you’re really excited about
your new purchase of drawing tools, basically,
you want to start using them. You
take out the pencil and draw anything you
want. Then you put the paper back again
and the Creature has a new outfit.
Cardboard box also lets you draw on the
box. Sky is the limit for your imagination.
Maybe draw a hat for the creature, or an
afro haircut? You are the designer and the
artist. Moreover, you can even write notes
on the paper and the Creature will remind
you everytime you look at the box
as it is tough enough to be a long-lasting
pencil box.
Publication layout design for creature
Supervisor : Miglė Kibildienė
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Creature | Package design

Creature | Package design