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    Menu photoshoot and design for Leto-cafe in Novosibirsk, Russia
Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!

Another great project in terms of coming out of your comfort zone and excelling your skills - photo shoot and menu design for Leto-cafe (Summer-cafe) in Novosibirsk, Russia. 

I had very few ideas about this city or Syberia in general, but i was very surprised how kind and interesting people could be there! 

So am presenting you the whole menu. I know it's not as creative as it cold be, but damn - we are selling food, and we were trying to show it as natural as it can be. 
So you are 100% sure this is what you get on plate!

I think drink section can be called "fake", 
since i've used there a lot of photoshop for putting all the things together :)

I had to come to Novosibirsk twice, but can't say i didn't enjoy another possibility to meet these people! On my first arrival it was barely ready (it had walls, yes). And as you can see from these photos - all i usually need is a big window, surface, reflector (white paper), tripod and my camera :)

Now this is from my second arrival - you can see how much did it change :) 
Two weeks till grand opening!

I feel upset, because i didn't take any pictures with the team during my second visit, but you can see how opened the guys could be, when they realize i took a picture of them :)

I will post some more pictures of interior and the whole atmosphere, 
once i am there once more!

Check out my insta profile @sergiolaskin for more recent works!