Ten years have passed since I entered the brave new world of social media — a decade. In that time I have used Facebook, in particular, as a platform to comment on all variety of issues facing our global community. To what extent these musings have had an impact is difficult to assess, lost as most are in the sheer ocean of digital stimuli assaulting us all daily and trapped as they are in the “echo chambers” we have unwittingly boxed ourselves into. What I do know is that the exercise, in and of itself, served as a means by which I could personally reflect on some of these phenomenon in a focused fashion. In the end, I’m simply just another human being struggling to make sense of this existence we call “life”. In a world that at times seems to be spinning out of control, finding a “centre” becomes all the more challenging. So, here’s to continued growth — with or without Facebook. 

Music: Nocturne in C sharp minor 'Lento con gran espressione', B. 49 (Op. posts.) by Chopin, played by Aya Higuchi (in the Creative Commons).