The lifeguard of natural playgrounds
Nothing can stop you from exploring wild environments, THE EAGLE EYE has been designed to keep you safe in your adventures. A rescuer for dangerous and hardly reachable areas.
Unpredictable nature
All activities that take place in the mountain, include risks.
In the wildest places, interventions of rescuers are long, expensive and highly dangerous.
The idea is to create a drone to support them every-day, as a member of their team always on the field, understanding perfectly the area and be their eyes.
The eyes wide open
In order to always be consistent, we created a synergy between drone makers, drone users, rescuers, mountain guides. They followed each steps of our methodology : analysis, ideation phase,  conceptualization and development. 
An autonomous mean of recognition 
and assistance
THE EAGLE EYE is the first autonomous mean of recognition and assistance which facilitates rescuers interventions. It is able to collect various data and digest them to give pronostics on potential risks.
the drone is scanning the land autonomously, thanks to solar powered pylon to recharge it.

Data analysis in real-time
Nature isn't static, the ground is changing with time, trees are growing, falling ... analysing data every day is crucial to prevent disasters, and to define the best strategy to always be faster for the rescue.
The role of the drone is to be prepared for anything and find a fast solution to bring back people to safety, and limit damages. 
the drone is giving strategies, best ways to penetrate the forest and stop the fire.

Technology as a power to rescue
Using technology to preserve the beauty of nature and save lives, is more interesting than ever. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, drones, big data, connectivity, bring us solutions that were impossible to imagine years ago.

Drone to assist rescuers on difficult fields.
credits : 3d renderings in the gallery by the digital designers
Lead designers
Francois Baptista
Stephane Pietroiusti
Manon Gerard
Digital designers
David Plachez
Gregoire Lauwers