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Content Management System 1
Content Management System 1
Content Management System 1

Php / MySQL /JavaScript

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Photo Galleries Holiday Folder Expanded
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User's Friend Receives Notification Of Friend Post
Friend Checks Messages
Friend Replies Adding Post
Another User Makes Friend Request
First User Notified of Friend Request By Flashing Icon
User Reads Notification And Accepts
User Now Has Three Friends
Search System Set to Check Names and Countries - Lin Entered
Search System Displays All Linda Entries in System
Search System - Can Entered - Finds all Canada Entries and Displays Them
All Search Entry Images Linked To User Pages Including Default Pictures
Clicking Rochelle Image Redirects To Rochelle User Page
Games Pages Available For Download - Game 5
( Games Made in Second and Third Year University )
Game Page CSS Flip Functionality Used to Maximize Page Space
( Set to Hover for Desktop/Laptop and to onClick for smart phones ) 
Game Page 5 CSS Flip on Mouse Over Complete
Quiz Option
( Quiz Made in First Year University )
Main Page Completing User Journey 
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Content Management System 1

Content Management System 1

Content Management System built with PHP MySQL and Javascript