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Logo System for the Spartan Race

The Challenge

This piece is my take on the Spartan Logo Design Challenge. An unofficial logo-refreshing-contest created by the amazing Chris Do and Ben Burns from TheFutur. This challenge takes place on Instagram, by using this big hashtag: #spartanlogodesignchallenge.

Here's the jury!

About the Spartan Race

The Spartan Race is a series of different obstacle-course race events that are described as a way of life by the organization and participants. There’s different levels of difficulty, themed races and all kinds of obstacles that challenges the participants, both physically and mentally.

“When you complete it, it completes you.”

Describing the Brand

Warrior Spirit . Pure Grit . Empowering Journey . Limit Breaking . Life Achievement

*Research and Understanding...*
*Words and Visuals...*

And now, let’s do this!

About the Icon and Wordmark

The icon is a one-line gladiator helmet and I gave it a slight shear to create the element of speed. I’ve chosen to make the wordmark into a visual system that would be easily recognizable and also flexible to use with any copy. The diagonal line represents the crossing of a literal and figurative barrier. An icon for overcoming obstacles and crossing boundaries. This wordmark can have infinite permutations and that assures the existence of a common element throughout this big brand.

About the Tees and Badges

The tees come in a tin box with a label in the tee's fabric color and the design that it’s printed in it. They can have the application of the logo or the application of what I’m calling of “Badges of Greatness”.

This Badges of Greatness are tokens of completion, or like in the gaming world, achievements. They would be designed specifically for each type of event and the racers could collect them and show them off by using all the swag with them on it. They have the same language as the icon’s logo, a line-design, but without the shear. This way they can easily be related to something like a military or police enforcement patch.

About the Cap, Paint and Coin

A cap is always a good way to spread the swag. Not only the brand’s swag, but also the fact that you finished a race.

The “Spartan’s Blood” is face paint that you can use during the races. Is a way of showing off the racer’s achievements by using color.

The coin is swag in your pocket. Maybe it works more on a personal level but still very relevant. It’s a reminder for yourself that you made it and that you are awesome!



Typeface used
Franklin Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton

Mockups used
T-Shirt mockup provided by the TheFutur - Patch @ Mockup World - Coin @ Braind - Jar @ Mockup World - Snapback Cap @ Graphic Burger - Flag @ Mockup World

Photos used
Spartan Racers 1 link - Chris Do link - Ben Burns link - Will Paterson link - Jonathan Rudolph link - Gladiator Icon link - Runner Icon link - Infinity Icon link - Spartan Racers 2 link - Spartan Racer link​​​​​​​

Logo System for the Spartan Race

Logo System for the Spartan Race

This piece is my take on the Spartan Logo Design Challenge. An unofficial logo redesign contest created by the amazing Chris Do and Ben Burns fro Read More