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    New images for our Coffee Supreme rebrand.
Coffee Supreme Branding
Winner at the New Zealand Best Design Awards
Winner at the New Zealand Best Design Awards 2012 in Identity Development / Small-scale.

Since their last re-brand, Coffee Supreme had grown to be one of the best and largest independent coffee roasters & suppliers in New Zealand, and felt that the brand they had didn’t convey their expertise and reliability, or the hand-crafted attention to detail and love of coffee that is at the core of everything they do. In their words, it was time to ‘grow up’. The brand needed to be more coherent, consistent & allow them to communicate much more clearly & succinctly. That said, Coffee Supreme were also very clear that they still needed to convey what they were already know for; their approachable, supportive, friendly & quirky attitude. This was also the point at which they wanted to bring the New Zealand and Australian brands in line with each other to create a coherent international presence.

The brand also needed to suit the times; coffee prices had been increasing dramatically. This re-brand needed to be rolled out without huge expense to help Coffee Supreme soak up some of that price increase rather than passing it all on to their customers.

We sat down with the Coffee Supreme team, providing them with a brand audit, considering their existing (and somewhat fractured) brand, finding the good bits, jettisoning the not so good, and pinpointing the company’s core messages (researching the competition, identifying their place in the market, & talking with staff throughout every level of the business).

With this wealth of information in our hands, we developed the principles of the new brand. They now have a fresh set of brand guidelines, a new silhouette version of their logo that they can now use at small sizes, a brand toolbox of graphics, fonts, colours & illustrations, as well as moodboards for future reference, mock-ups of retail & wholesale coffee bags, take-away cups, stationery and various other collateral such as mugs, posters, t-shirtsHardhat also developed a completely new brand color-pallette and set of fonts, and provided the company with a clear set of brand guidelines on application of the brand across all media, with suggestions on titling, formatting, page layout, as well as materials and packaging that would best suit the brand.
The collection of illustrations which are used across their brand collateral were all produce by hand in-house.

Our other award-winning entry for packaging (as part of the same Coffee Supreme re-brand).

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