Adobe Cannes Lions 2017 Campaign

For 2017 Cannes Lions, Adobe and Wunderman teamed up to create ‘data portraits’ of industry leaders and influencers who best represent the mix of creativity and data. We handpicked eleven people and paired them with eleven artists, whom we challenged with creating a portrait while incorporating publicly available data that we’ve gathered for them about each person. None of the artists had done anything like this before, so it was interesting to watch how each of them approached it. 

The results were incredible. Eleven artists. Eleven styles. Eleven points of view. If you attended Cannes Lions, you might have noticed them as large banners on totem posts along the Promenade, wild postings inside the Palais, or on social media. If you didn't, you can also enjoy them instantly here:

Timothy Armoo by Yo Az, Paris, France

Ana Markozashvili by Charles Williams, London, United Kingdom

Fernando Machado by Marina Okhromenko, Moscow, Russian Federation

Thalia Mavros by Giulio Rossi, L'Aquila, Italy

Zaid Al-Qassab by Germán Gonzalez, Medellín, Colombia

Ashley Baccus-Clark by Caroline Blanchet, Nantes, France

Wyclef Jean by Van Orton Design, Turin, Italy

Elisha Gada by Archan Nair, New Delhi, India

Marc Speichert by Yann Dalon, Paris, France

Kristin Lemkau by Żaneta Antosik, Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland 

Cooper Harris by Alberto Seveso, Bristol, United Kingdom

Here are some photos of the actual Croisette totem poles as well as few influencers in front of their portraits.

Adobe Cannes Lions 2017 Campaign