Asia Demolition Derby Championship
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What is Arena Derby?
Car battles for survival. The battle of specially prepared vehicles on a closed ground is an arena. Battles in which clashes and battering rams are allowed. The goal of the participants is to immobilize rivals, but to stay on track. The winner is the last car, which at least somehow can move around. This competition is called Arena Derby.
Where is the Motherland Derby?
The idea could arise and develop only in the land of dreams and freedom - America. In one of the provincial states, amateurs formed a team that proclaimed a new sport - Demolition Derby (Destructive Derby). Born a bloodthirsty sport in the middle of the last century. Simultaneously with the dominance of used Ford in America. The problem of recycling was decided by itself. Old cars, which were still on the move, were a successful find for the battle.
How are cars made for Derby?
An ordinary old machine loses its glass, plastic and other parts that can affect safety. The door and boot lid are brewed and the security cage is inserted. The battery, radiator and fuel tank are transported to the cabin, the exhaust is output directly from the bonnet. The car is eased and strengthened as much as possible. In winter, tires are reinforced with chains of anti-skid. For participation most suited strong cars with rear-wheel drive.
What are the rules in Derby?
In principle, these are fights without rules. However, there is a gentlemen's agreement between pilots - not to hit the driver's door, this is the most vulnerable place of the car. And also participants are forbidden to leave their cars until the fight stops. The rules of the tournament itself are very simple: 2-2 selections, the winners of which reach the final, and the battle of prestige (as a second chance for the losers), through which the so-called lucky losers also fall into the finals, and, accordingly, The finals themselves. It turns out that the participants enter the arena at least 2 times, and the lacquer losers even 3. Well, between the races in the technical zone, there is a real reanimation of the cars by the mechanics of the teams. And in the rest autofighters are not loaded with rules. The main thing is to stay on track. But the machine is not as important as the "art of destruction". After all, a frontal attack will obviously cut down not only the enemy, but also your car: the motor is located at the front. Therefore, dashing fighters often ram in reverse!
Are the Derby injured?
The derby, despite such a destructive nature, can not be called a traumatic sport. Serious injuries here do not happen more often than in any official sport. Yes - a pile of crumpled metal and clouds of smoke, but then bruises and abrasions usually do not go down. And this is not due to the fact that the pilots are entirely supermen, withstand the load of crash tests, just an arena and combat auto-special training, corresponding to security measures. Derby - quite a family event, so cheer for the participants and pat on the piles of metal viewers come whole families.
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