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    EnsaimadArt is a non-profit project based in the idea of designing a sticker for the ensaimada boxes as a support for the cause
EnsaimadArt project is a non-profit project launched by Infolio to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of amadip.esment foundation. This charitable initiative is asking for the design of the round label (270mm in diameter) attached to the iconic octagonal boxes containing Majorca’s most famous pastry – the ensaimada.

When I was invited to participate in this project I spent lot of time thinking about this attribute of 'social design'. I arrived to the conclusion that the solution was in my own thoughts: Sharing was the key. This is how I arrived to the graphic resolution, the content is a sentence that connects the social act of sharing an ensaimada with a formula for a better world, at that's amadip.esment.

After several proofs I thought that using my own handwriting, in a very clean and honest way, was the best for enhancing the message.

More information about the project:

This is the final proposal