Urban Acoustics
-Turning your city into an interactive musical instrument -
Urban Acoustics is a conceptual smartphone application, which enables users to interact with their urban environment in a new, creative way. The application deals with the topics acoustics and music and features two different layers: An active and a passive one. The active layer enables users to record and upload rhythms and melodies created on urban surfaces, etc. to an internet community. In the passive layer, one can experience these sounds in an interactive way. By moving through the city, you can listen to rhythms and sounds created by other users at the places you are passing. These form a musical composition created by the community, which is in a state of permanent development and variation.
Main Menu
The main menu is consists of the home button and  three further buttons to reach the recording option, a profile setup and the "Discover Mode". Green and red spots are placed on an interactive map in the background. Green spots represent sounds you have recorded and uploaded on your own, the red ones represent sounds from other users. There is also the possibility of changing the location to discover new areas of melodies and rhythms.
Besides recording sounds created on urban stuff, this menu allows diverse settings, such as naming sounds, adjusting grids, beats per minute and pattern length. In addition users are able to upload videos or photos of the area or the object where the sound has been recorded. Recordings will appear as a popup on the main screen and in the Discover Mode.
Discover Mode
The Discover Mode is the passive part of the application where users find themselves walking through melodies and rhythms, which create a unique piece of music. All depending on which way they choose to a certain destination. In the background a chosen minimalistic beat is played. On this beat, uploaded rhythms will be synchronized and fade in, once the "aura" of a sound is entered. There are several settings which can be edited: The diameter of the aura, the beat in the background and how many sounds are played at the same time, etc. While being in the Discover Mode, sounds can be commented and rated.
Loading Screens
As Urban Acoustics was a project for handheld devices, many graphical elements have been developed during the process of design. Here are a few of the loading screens for the application.