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Moving Forward My HR Site at Kaiser Permanente
My Responsibilities
I have joined My HR Technology Team at Kaiser Permanente as a contract Senior UI/Visual and interaction designer in January 2016. I am assigned to improve all desktop and mobile templates of the internal "My HR" site (, which is used by 50,000 Kaiser Permanente employees across all U.S. regions. My main goal is to harmonize the layout visual designs to be in parallel with the national Kaiser Permanente style guide, while bringing the overall look and feel to a modern "flat" design concept. The team presents the layout package to other internal Kaiser clients (stakeholders from other teams) to help guide them in determining which layout could be used to deliver their information and materials to the company and Kaiser customers. I work closely with the information architect, content strategist and multiple web developers. The visual, interaction and spec prototypes I work with the team play an important role in delivering the HR department's communications across the company. Those design prototypes bridge a gap between the developers and the content team by explaining how information should be displayed on the page, including technical specifications for each page. 
Home Page Redesign - Before & After
There is a lot of information that needs to be displayed on the home page. The previous version of the home page was chaotic and required a lot of effort from users to find the information they need. Also, the design was outdated and did not follow the corporate Kaiser Permanente Digital Styleguide. My team and I successfully redesigned and launched the new the home page. Information is now grouped by categories, it's visual appealing and provides a better user experience in many more aspects.  
My HR to HCM - Portal Recommendation
With the UX guiding principles in mind, this is the lens through which we assess and map employee and manager journeys to supporting content and transactions. 

Find what I need to do
•Landing pages for links to high frequency activities
•Ad campaigns, calendars, and to do’s on the home page for seasonal activities or those with deadlines
•Navigation and search as persistent options to find content
•Email notifications with links to transaction and/or context and in-system alerts for time sensitive actions

Meet me where I am
•Allow different avenues for access

Prepare me for the task
•Is it a complex process? Is there something I need to know first? Start me with context first.
•Is it a common process? Are the steps straightforward? Link me right to the transaction.
Business owners can guide whether context is required based on their experience with current scenarios.
If a user lacks context for a complex transaction, they may have a frustrating experience (transaction gets delayed or rejected due to incorrect or missing information). 

Users relate to processes in different ways - one manager might start with My Team to terminate an employee while another might begin with the Termination transaction - both paths are valid journeys to the same destination.

Kaiser Permanente Employee Ideal Experience - HRconnect 
A one week workshop among Kaiser Permanente designers to show visions and dreams for the ideal user experience in finance - HR - planning..The power of unity!
Total Health Incentive Plan - Before and After
In addition to the redesign of the My HR portal, another significant contribution of mine was to lead the redesign of the Total Health Incentive Plan experience. The main goal with THIP was to find a way to encourage employees to participate and engage the program. In so doing, I changed the dense text pages to pages with visually appealing, smooth and engaging interactions.
Layout Improvement
My primary responsibilities consists of developing design templates for various use categories of 18 pages in the My HR portal for my team to present to stakeholders and creating design specs for developers. 
Example 01: Business Process Layout
Example 02: Card Layout
Example 04: VDO/Audio Template
Example 05: Data Template
Style Guide Improvement & Icon Designs
Apart from design work, I also produce a complete My HR style guide package that reflects the latest version of the corporate Kaiser Permanente digital style guide. It acts as the reference for developers and contracted designers. 
Visual Spec Prototypes for Development Team

Visual Quality Assurance (VQA)
In order control the quality of the visual design, I am assigned to run the visual quality assurance process for the output of the development team on Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer, before and after launching the product.
Moving Forward My HR Site at Kaiser Permanente