This is a logo redesign for a client of mine.  I did the original logo five years ago (2007). At the time I thought it was ok. I wasn't extremely proud of it, but, I wasn't embarrassed by it either. I felt fortunate to be asked to update/redesign it. That tells me they were pleased with my work, and that they trust me to provide quality work and service again. 

The original request for redesign was simply to "update and freshen up" their old logo. Once the first round of concepts were delivered, the client realized that they would like to try something totally different. A big change (for the better) was that the company name was simplified from the original "Timesavers Data All Precision Mail" (which was the name when he bought the company) to be simply "Timesavers" (much improved already).

The company is a full service mail house witch prides it's self on higher delivery rates than average for it's bulk mail clients due to it's superior list proofing. This saves clients money, and time... hence the name. 

I've included each round of proofs delivered to the client (7 total) and the final logo at the end. 

 This is the final logo selected by the client. 

 Detail view