Le Mans LMP2 Ligier JS P217
This is my own creative vision and photography for the LMP2 Ligier JS P217 that I photographed for our client earlier this week in its bare carbon body before being recovered with its racing colours and sponsor team details. 
Its rare to see these cars in their bare carbon and the shoot. This was very possibly one of the hardest things that I have lit in a while and it was a enjoyable challenge. I guess in many ways it represents my determied push to take my work to the next level both technically and creativity.

©Photographer Tim Wallace | www.ambientlife.co.uk
Onroak Automotive gave its new sport-prototype the name of Ligier JS P217: “JS”, in continuation of the models built by Guy Ligier whose name included the initials of his late friend Jo Schlesser, and “P217” in reference to the LMP2 category and the year 2017
Le Mans in its essence has always captures the imagination of so many people who enjoy racing and motorsport and commercial photographer Tim Wallace has been working closely with the RLR Msport team over the last few months providing high quality photography for both brand and marketing use online and in print. The man in charge of RLR Msport is Nick Reynolds, Nick has a wealth of experience running endurance prototype cars having twice run LMP2 cars at the Le Mans 24 hour race. The team also run LMP3 cars and have won races in this category, they are also running an LMP3 car in the Michelin Le Mans Cup which is a support race to the European Le Mans Series in which they also compete.

This is a passionate team based in the North of England. Their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious, drivers often comment that they are the hardest working and most dedicated team they have worked with. Their fan base is loyal, in fact you instantly become a fan when you meet the characters that make up the team, you get drawn into the shared goal of ultimately winning the 24 hour Le Mans race in an LMP2 car. 
The car that could deliver this dream has just been delivered – the Ligier JS P217. There is a huge mountain to climb, let there be no doubt, competing against much better funded teams from around the world this is one of the most competitive races you could ever enter.