Rebranding Genebra

Frigorífico Genebra

The new design proposes the revitalization of Genebra, preserving its most iconic aspects. The new identity uses contemporary traits and organic elements. Every detail was carefully planned to highlight the original sense of the coat, transporting it to a current visual language. 


We created a theme that gives Genebra uniqueness. To generate the high standard of the products, the natural orientation of the concept was "quality". Not just a quality in general, but a valuable aspect of quality. There is no segment of the Genebra, there is an aspect of quality that says in the high degree of involvement and investment: the meat selection. Knowing that a product is "prime" gives a substantial increase in the perception of brand value, while also adding other quality products such as freshness, flavor, noble cuts and even social status.

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Rebranding Genebra