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    Universal design. foldable paper desk for the India street kids.
During the India travel, I saw a lot of children sitting and squatting down on the dirt road and narrow stair writing something. They seemed to be studying or doing some school homework.
Another inspiration - Help Desk (2013) designed by Aarambh
I would like to help to make an another positive move for the people who could not afford to get a desk by following the Aarambh's project


during the study, I came up with the idea of sending a cheering letter to the Indian street kids so I studied the shape of the letter in order to make the structure and use the minimum part 
I have opened every source of this design for not only the people who need this desk so that they can make it and use it for free but also the people who have the same idea with me so that they can develop this idea and make it for the children who don't have a desk  
Hope a lot of people think about this situation again and do a little effort in their position :)
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after releasing on the press, this gentleman who has been volunteering regularly made 50 of the Letter Desk with a bit modifying and carried when he went to Cambodia this time :) 
and now I'm helping several NGO in Korea for sending the Letter Desk to several countries.