IPHONE / APPLE - Talk Different
iPhone / Apple - Poster Art 001
iPhone / Apple - Poster Bus Stop 001
iPhone / Apple - Banner Art Wide
iPhone / Apple - Banner Billboard Wide
iPhone / Apple - Banner Art Vertical
iPhone / Apple - Banner Billboard Vertical
iPhone / Apple - Art Process
iPhone / Apple - Art Process Wireframe
This is another project working with vectorial illustration, al the elements are editable and resizeable this project take more time that the XBox of Microsoft because i trace all the icons from the Apps.
this illustration was created based on some one images that i can found it on the year 2007, for that time this phone
was show them to the world and the people haved expectation for this new world in the communication gadgets, when i made this Art and create de Copy or Slogan in 2007 the concept for this phone in color dont exist but i dream with this possibilities along time ago jejejejeje, Enjoy. The time for produce this art was 8 hours for the basic trace, color and the final render, i use the same software (Corel Draw X3) and for the edition to make the Mockups use Photoshop, this was made on this years.

The Mockups was made in 45 min / 1 hour, i search the image on internet, choose some one and make the mount of art.