The "Sassafras" Logo Project—New Bar Opens in Hollywood
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    Logo development and design for new bar in Hollywood, California
Tasked with designing the Sassafras logo for a new saloon set to open in Hollywood, California, it was made clear to me that we needed to move towards a turn-of-the-century (19th to 20th)—and decidedly decorative look,with a sort of organic/plant-like flavor . . . perhaps using decorative borders that felt like vines or roots, to try to get across the feeling of the root-inspired intoxicants that Sassafras will be featuring. Thinking I knew exactly what they wanted, I went through the following roughs, presenting the tighter one to the client: 
The design generally went over OK, except that the client wanted the design to become even more specific to the actual Sassafras plant. We discussed various ways we could achieve that, the client also providing me with images of roots and of the Sassafras plant and flowers:
So I went back to the drawing board and started over taking into consideration the reference and other comments from the meeting. I then developed the following layout—what I had in mind was to use the ”Brothers” typeface as the basis for the word (except for the cap “S”), so that if we needed to create a straighter, simpler “Sassafras”, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem.
Feeling confident of this direction, I re-presented it. With the exception of my needing to add a border back in, it went over well, and I proceeded to flesh the logo out in Illustrator. So here’s where we ended up, both with and without borders:
Sassafras opened September 2012 at 1233 Vine Street, next door to the historic Villa Elaine which, during the 1940s, was home to Man Ray, Orson Welles and Henry Miller. Truly historic.