A woman lives within a large offshore factory and is experimented on in a strange machine, all the while believing that she is there to be cured of a terminal illness. The guards fear her, and she is watched over by a malevolent AI presence (AM), to keep her contained – until she experiences a vision of herself in another body and has a sudden realisation that she must escape and return ‘home’.
I Am Flesh began as a small idea back in late 2016, when the creative team were in the final year of the filmmaking course at Manchester Metropolitan University. With a University graduate film due to be made for spring 2017 – director Jack Silverwood pitched the idea to the team and the crew was formed. With I Am Flesh planned to be the teams graduating film, there were certain pressures placed onto it. One of which, was the fact that the film would not be receiving any support from the university towards its budget. However, there was no constraints to the creativity of the film.  With this attitude, the crew decided to run a Crowdfunding Campaign for the film, which was successful in funding the entire production. With this self-generated budget, the film was completed to an excellent standard and now stands ready to bring across it’s grim science fiction story in the best way that it can. 
Full Credits
Rianna Windust
Daniel Allen
Elliot Keefe 
And Josie Connor as the Voice of AM 
Louis Mooney 
Tom Davidson 
David Beeby 
Lilleth Lawton

Written and Directed by Jack Silverwood 
Producer Louis Mooney 
Director of Photography Fraser Cottrell
Editor Samuel Hassall
1st Assistant Camera Nicholas Beddows
2nd Assistant Camera Matt Hurst 
Colourist Thanasis Konstantopoulos
Unit Photographer Anita Kwiecien 

Sound Design Aleksander Zurawski
Dennis Tjiok 
Greg Owens 

Visual Effects Supervisor Samuel Hassall 
Visual Effects Artist Nicholas Beddows 
Graphic Designer Mike Bladen 

Production Designer Jack Silverwood 
Set Designer Denise Johnson 
Makeup & Effects Artist Kanwal Rizvi

Official Backers 
Benjamin Irwin-Gordon
Wana Shibemba
Gemma Angeli 
Mark Forrer
Jack Agg
Hazel Taylor 
William Young 
Anna Hunt 
Angela Hassall
Ben Crumpton 
Helen Johnson
Kris Taylor 
Vince Fesalbon 
Sally Gillett
Bozorgmehr Eilyati
Dylan Taylor 
Jonathan Atkinson
Alek Hutchinson
Natasha Oates 
Joyce Tang 
Ben Hassall
Matt Gaskell
Sarah Clancy
Joe Wood 
‘Princess’ Snowball Rabbit Windust 
Jordan Murphy 
Mikaela Boyd
Chloe Helm
Sue Tyrer
Tom Mooney 
Rhiannon Cooper 
Lauren Bull
Joe Furness
Tom Silverwood
Hayley Whipp
Georgia Bennett 
Matthew Dadswell
Alexandra Clarkson
Paul Brooks 
Harris Alvi 
David Chriscole
Simon Windust 
James D Gillett
Edward Taylor 
Kylee Mooney 
Lucy Silverwood 
Teddy Bear Nursery 
Karen Ryecart 

Special Thanks 
Manchester School of Art 
Jordan Royce 
Andy and Julie Silverwood 
Mark Mooney
Katsouris Deli
Patricia Vernon
Jared Preston

Fraggell Productions
MSA Film Productions